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  • Invitation Zoom Digital Seminar: The International Economics of the Corona Shock
    The International Economics of the Corona Shock Zoom Digital Seminar Date: 8 July 2020 Time:... [mehr]
  • New discussion paper from Lucas Bretschger and Elise Grieg (ETH Zürich) and Paul Welfens and Tian Xiong (EIIW/University of Wuppertal)
    Bretschger, L.; Grieg, E.; Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, T.: Corona Fatality Development, Medical... [mehr]
  • Prof. Paul J.J. Welfens zu den EU-Finanzhilfen am 19.05.20
    YouTube Video [mehr]
  • New Discussion Paper: Corona World Recession and Health System Crisis: Shocks Not Understood So Far
    Summary: The Coronavirus World Recession is a global symmetric shock that will cause... [mehr]
  • New Discussion Paper (Advance Version APRIL 14th) Macroeconomic and Health Care Aspects of the Coronavirus Epidemic: EU, US and Global Perspectives
    Summary: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic represents a major challenge for the world... [mehr]
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The EU Single Market and the opening up of Eastern Europe offer a chance to create a truly pan-European market economy. In this respect, many lessons can be learned from early 20th-century developments in Europe. Bearing this in mind, the authors analyze the fragility of international trade, financial investment and foreign relations in and across Europe, from both a contemporary and historical perspective. In a period of increased migration and higher capital mobility, the major OECD countries are faced with such issues as monetary integration, the role of banks and the requirement for structural adjustment. Even more complex is the integration of Russia. Policymakers and the business community alike are presented simultaneously with unique opportunities and unique challenges - with old and new pitfalls looming