Global Climate Change Policy - forthcoming publication with Palgrave Macmillan

29.10.2021|12:55 Uhr

The forthcoming new book from Paul Welfens - "Global Climate Change Policy - Analysis, Economic Efficiency Issues and International Cooperation" - considers climate change from an economic and international policy perspective. Welfens’ key argument is that emissions trading systems (ETS) should first be adopted in all G20 countries with those national ETS then integrated into a global ETS. The topic of global warming is to the forefront of international discussions in recent years – especially given recent environmental policy changes in the US under Presidents Trump and Biden plus the emergence of the Fridays For Future movement. Combatting climate change does not necessitate a trade-off between economic growth and climate policy provided that the latter is consistently linked to new economic policy. Policymakers should support innovation, effective redistribution policies and modern mobility concepts. Moreover, there are crucial links between financial market dynamics and price dynamics in ETS. If measures discussed here are coordinated effectively in the EU/G20, and at the global level, then climate neutrality could be quickly achieved. The book will be published in English by Palgrave Macmillan (London) and appear in Palgrave's Sustainable Development Goals Series.

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