COVID-19 Monitor

The COVID-19 Monitor aims to provide helpful insights into the dynamics and effects of the Corona pandemic at a global level. The following graphs show the fatality rate and infection rate for selected country groups using OWID data. The graphs on the left side demonstrate the 10 worst performing countries based on the fatality rate plus Germany, the UK and US amongst 207 economies over the previous circa eight weeks (updated regularly). On the right side, the graphs display the general trend of death rates and infection rates over the period from March 2020 to the latest date with data available. At the same time, we also offer the figures for East and South East Asian countries together with India using the same criteria.

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For a broader analysis, please see the recently published peer-reviewed paper by the EIIW's Paul Welfens and Tian Xiong, together with colleagues from ETH Zürich which can be read and downloaded via open access here: COVID-19 infections and fatalities developments: empirical evidence for OECD countries and newly industrialized economies.


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