The project is based on more than a decade of top research on ICT and also will use the special knowledge of network partners in relevant fields - this includes not only access to knowledge and expertise at the European Institute for International Economic Relations (EIIW) at University of Wuppertal but also network contacts to Prof. Stanislaw Kubielas, University of Warsaw and Prof. Grigori Feiguine from the University of Economics and Finance, St. Petersburg as well as Prof. Bleischwitz who has been teaching at the University of Wuppertal for many years - he is with the Wuppertal institute for Climate, Environment and Energy which also has special expertise in producing podcasts; the topic of Green ICT and resource efficiency and sustainability also is covered by this partner and EIIW (in 2010 joint workshop at the European Commission).

The contents developed and the tools used are highly innovative and ideal for lifelong learning. Moreover, it has a focus networked European area activities for lifelong learning; it gives a new example of an approach which can be applied in all languages and in all EU countries. It stimulates the development of innovative ICT-based content and services and promotes linguistic diversity. It also will help to improve the quality of education for all age groups in the field of lifelong learning. Emphasis is on one of the most dynamic fields of the EU single market and of Commission activities.

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