European Institute for International Economic Relations (EIIW)

Europe faces a series of fundamental challenges: the globalization of economic relations and international locational competition, macroeconomic policy efficiency in the face of the rising influence of multinational companies and banks, the expansion and change of international organizations and international cooperation. In addition, the opportunities and problems of the information society, issues of transatlantic cooperation and regional economic integration in the EU as well as the topic of a new European and global economic order are crucial issues particularly since the 1990s and into the 21st century.

The internationalization of economic relations and hence policy relations is intensifying and has increasingly attracted the attention of political and economic decision-makers, workers, investors, consumers and interest groups. The internationalization trend as well as the emergence of new communication networks offer both opportunities and risks to individuals, regions and whole economic systems. This is the background for the research and activities undertaken by the EIIW.

The EIIW, a politically independent and non-profit organization, is the first economic research institute in Germany which analyzes international economic problems from a genuine European perspective. A major research focus is on the requirements for a stable and efficient international division of labor and technologies, including the integration of Eastern Europe. Topics relevant to the real business world as well as of economic policy are analyzed. An important trait of the EIIW is its orientation towards topics of practical relevance and an often comparative research focus.

Apart from self-financed projects, the EIIW also undertakes research and consulting for other organizations, such as for the European Commission and the European Parliament, since its first year in existence (2005).

The EIIW aims to provide a forum for innovative and critical research and at the same time an intellectual bridge between the research community, the business sector and economic policymakers.
In the form of guest lectures, international experts present results from ongoing research and discuss recent developments in their respective countries/regions of origin.

The EIIW international workshops and conferences provide a regular opportunity for the presentation of the latest research and the discussion of these findings with colleagues and partners who are interested in economic analysis of the scientific nature.

A major event each year is the annual conference. The results of the conferences and workshops are published in books, journals and in other media as a means of informing the general public.


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