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  • Prof. Paul J.J. Welfens zu den EU-Finanzhilfen am 19.05.20
    YouTube Video [more]
  • New Discussion Paper: Corona World Recession and Health System Crisis: Shocks Not Understood So Far
    Summary: The Coronavirus World Recession is a global symmetric shock that will cause... [more]
  • Press Release: Joint Eurobonds approach recommended but only if designed as a sensible financial product
    The benefits and drawbacks of Eurobonds should by carefully analyzed.Even during the Coronavirus... [more]
  • New Discussion Paper (Advance Version APRIL 14th) Macroeconomic and Health Care Aspects of the Coronavirus Epidemic: EU, US and Global Perspectives
    Summary: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic represents a major challenge for the world... [more]
  • Makroökonomische und gesundheitspolitische Aspekte der Coronavirus-Epidemie: EU, USA und globale Perspektiven
    Zusammenfassung: Die neuartige CoronaviRus (COVID-19)-Epidemie stellt eine große Herausforderung... [more]
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As developments of European Integration are manifold in nature the need to keep up to date teaching materials is essential and the topic of the European Union and its development are part of the education of pupils especially in their later schooling.

This project aims at closing an important gap in the supply of teaching material on the process of European Integration. The project has a modular structure and will supply new teaching material at first for schools based in NRW and later for schools in the whole of Germany. In accordance with the goals of the initiative "Über die EU an Schulen lernen" (Learning about the EU in school) the project orients itself around national educational goals and related educational intentions as well as recent advances in didactical methods.


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