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Europäisches Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen

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  • Global Climate Change Policy - forthcoming publication with Palgrave Macmillan
    The forthcoming new book from Paul Welfens - "Global Climate Change Policy - Analysis, Economic... [mehr]
  • Post-Corona Wirtschaftsaufschwungsperspektiven in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit
    Am 29. April hielt Prof. Welfens einen Vortrag vor der Fachgruppe FiWiSo des bdvbs zum Thema... [mehr]
  • Corona vaccination regulation: Vaccination schedule in Germany contradictory and flawed
    *Germany’s federal government once-in-a-century decision on vaccinations is partly contradictory. ... [mehr]
  • PM: Corona-Impfplanung Deutschland: Viel zu langsam und unsinnig
    * Unmögliche Impfplanung der Politik * Spätzulassung Impfstoff von Biontech in EU ist unakzeptabel *... [mehr]
  • Invitation Zoom Digital Seminar: The International Economics of the Corona Shock
    The International Economics of the Corona Shock Zoom Digital Seminar Date: 8 July 2020 Time:... [mehr]
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EIIW Diskussionsbeiträge

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No. 307 Soliman, K.: Are Industrial Robots a new GPT? A Panel Study of Nine European Countries with Capital and Quality-adjusted Industrial Robots as Drivers of Labour Productivity Growth 


No. 306 Mueller, M.: French Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2022: What to Expect? 


No. 304 Welfens, P.J.J.: Nouvelle analyse de l'inégalité et de la modernité tardive : Perspectives économiques et perceptions sociologiques erronées


No. 303 Welfens, P.J.J.: New Inequality and Late Modernity Analysis: Economic Perspectives and Sociological Misperceptions


No. 302 Welfens, P.J.J.: Neue Ungleichheits- und Modernitätsanalyse: Ökonomische Perspektiven und Soziologie-Fehlsicht


No. 301 Welfens, P.J.J.; Celebi, K.: FDI Globalization and the New Phillips Curve: Role of Multinational Companies and Institutional Changes


No. 300 Roeger, W.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Foreign Direct Investment and Innovations: Transmission Dynamics of Persistent Demand and Technology Shocks in a Macro Model


No. 299 Dauenhauer, C.; Perret J.K.: Determinants of Purchasing Behavior – On the Interaction of Price Anchors and the Framing of Price Changes


No. 297 Welfens, P.J.J.: Gesundheitsförderung und Klimapolitik: Neue Krankenversicherungs-Perspektiven zu Marktdynamik und Klimafortschritt 


No. 296 Welfens, P.J.J.: National and Global Vaccine Procurement in a Pandemic Situation: Rational Patent Replacement Option


No. 295 Welfens, P.J.J.: Nationale und globale Impfstoffbeschaffung in einer Pandemie-Situation: Rationale Patent-Ersatzoption


No. 294 Bahlmann, J.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Environmental Policy Stringency and Foreign Direct Investment: New Insights from a Gravity Model Approach


No. 291 Celebi, K.; Welfens, P.J.J.: The Stock Market, Labor-Income Risk and Unemployment in the US: Empirical Findings and Policy Implications


No. 290 Gries, T.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Testen als Ansatz zur Kontrolle der Corona-Epidemie-Dynamik und zur Vermeidung von Lockdowns


No. 289 Gries, T.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Testing as an Approach to Control the Corona Epidemic Dynamics and Avoid Lockdowns



No. 288 Welfens, P.J.J.: The Background of Trumpism and its Main Economic Effects


No. 287 Wilke, A.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Urban Wind Energy Production Potential: New Opportunities


No. 286 Welfens, P.J.J: Corona-Impfpolitik-Perspektiven: Grundlagen, Probleme und Strategieoptionen (Vorabfassung)


No. 285 Hanrahan, D.: Digitalization as a Determinant of Tax Revenues in OECD Countries: A Static and Dynamic Panel Data Analysis


No. 283 Welfens, P.J.J.: Optimal Inward Foreign Direct Investment Share within an International M&A Setting


No. 281 Celebi, K.; Welfens, P.J.J.: The Economic Impact of Trump: Conclusions from an Impact Evaluation Analysis


No. 280 Zander, T.: Does corruption matter for FDI flows in the OECD? A gravity analysis


No. 279 Welfens, P. J. J.: Product Innovations, Process Innovations and Foreign Direct Investment: New Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Findings


No. 277 Bretschger, L.; Grieg, E.; Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, T.: COVID-19 Infections and Fatalities Developments: Empirical Evidence for OECD Countries and Newly Industrialized Economies


No. 275 Welfens, P.J.J.: Doubts on the Role of Disturbance Variance in New Keynesian Models and Suggested Refinements


No. 274 Bretschger, L.; Grieg, E.; Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, T.: Corona Fatality Development, Health Indicators and the Environment: Empirical Evidence for OECD Countries


No. 273 Welfens, P.J.J.: Corona World Recession and Health System Crisis: Shocks Not Understood So Far, May 2020


No. 272 Welfens, P.J.J.: Macroeconomic Aspects of the Coronavirus Epidemic: Eurozone, EU and Global Perspectives, April 2020 (Updated Version April 14th 2020)


No. 271 Kadiric, S.: The Determinants of Sovereign Risk Premiums in the UK and the European Government Bond Market: The Impact of Brexit, March 2020

No. 270 Welfens, P.J.J.: Macroeconomic Aspects of the Coronavirus Epidemic: Eurozone, EU, US and Chinese Perspectives, 09.03.2020 - Deutsche Version


No. 269 Welfens, P.J.J.: The Optimum Import Tariff in the Presence of Outward Foreign Direct Investment, January 2020


No. 268 Celebi, K.: Quo Vadis, Britain? - Implications of the Brexit Process on the UK´s real Economy, January 2020


No. 267 Welfens, P.J.J.; Celebi, K.: CO2 Allowance Price Dynamics and Stock Markets in EU Countries: Empirical Findings and Global CO2-Perspectives, January 2020




No. 266 Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, T.: US MNCs´ Reinvested Earnings and Investment in EU Countries: New Thoughts on Feldstein-Horioka, forthcoming


No. 265 Welfens, P.J.J.: Financial Markets and Oil Prices in a Schumpeterian Context of CO2-Allowance Markets, December 2019


No. 264 Jungmittag, A.; Welfens, P.J.J.: EU-US Trade Post-Trump Perspectives: TTIP Aspects Retalde to Foreign Direct Investment and Innovation, November 2019


No. 263 Welfens, P.J.J.: After Eastern German State Elections 2019: Germany Facing Serious Politico-Economic Problems, September 2019


No. 262 Welfens, P.J.J.: Rationale Klimapolitik für das Erreichen des Ziels Klimaneutralität: NRW-Deutschland-EU G20Plus, October 2019


No. 261 Baier, F.J.: Foreign Direct Investment and Tax: OECD Gravity Modelling in a World with International Financial Institutions, August 2019


No. 260 Welfens, P.J.J.: BREXIT-Wirtschaftsperspektiven für Deutschland und NRW: Mittel- und langfristige Effekte & Politikoptionen, June 2019


No. 259 Welfens, P.J.J.: CO2-Steuer, Zertifikate-Handel und Innovationsförderung als Klimapolitik-Instrumente, June 2019


No. 258 Welfens, P.J.J.: Wirtschaftspolitik-Fehlorientierung des Westens nach 1989: Bankenkrise, Globalisierungs-Ordnungsdefizit und Desintegrationsdruck, April 2019


No. 257 Welfens, P.J.J.: Council of Economic Advisers: Biased Per Capita Consumption Comparison of the US with Europe , March 2019


No. 256 Welfens, P.J.J.; Baier, F.; Kadiric, S.; Korus, A.; Xiong, T.: EU28 Capital Market Perspectives of a Hard BREXIT: Theory, Empirical Findings and Policy Options, March 2019




No. 255 Welfens, P.J.J.; Yu, N.; Hanrahan, D.; Schmülling, B.; Fechtner, H.: Electrical Bus Mobility in the EU and China: Technological, Ecological and Economic Policy Perspectives, December 2018


No. 254 Baier, F.J.; Welfens, P.J.J.: The UK’s Banking FDI Flows and Total British FDI: A Dynamic BREXIT Analysis, November 2018


No. 253 Welfens, P.J.J.: Explaining Trumpism as a Structural US Problem: New Insights and Transatlantic Plus Global Economic Perspectives, October 2018


No. 251 Kadiric, S.; Korus, A.: The Effects of Brexit on Corporate Yield Spreads: Evidence from UK and Eurozone Corporate Bond Markets, September 2018


No. 250 Welfens, P.J.J.; Udalov, V.: International Inequality Dynamics: Issues and Evidence of a Redistribution Kuznets Curve, September 2018


No. 249 Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, TT.: BREXIT Perspectives: Financial Market Dynamics, Welfare Aspects and Problems from Slower Growth, September 2018


No. 248 Welfens, P.J.J.: New Marshall-Lerner Conditions for an Economy with Outward and Two-Way Foreign Direct Investment, July 2018 (Updated February 2019!)


No. 247 Welfens, P.J.J.; Xiong, T.: The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Regional Innovation Capacity in China, June 2018


No. 246 Welfens, P.J.J.: Lack of International Risk Management in BREXIT?, July 2018


No. 245 Udalov, V.: Analysis of Individual Renewable Energy Support: An Enhanced Model, Juni 2018


No. 244 Welfens, P.J.J.; Yushkova, E.: IKT-Sektor in China und Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zu Deutschland, April 2018


No. 243 Korus, A.; Celebi, K.: The Impact of Brexit on the British Pound/Euro Exchange rate, April 2018


No. 242 Welfens, P.J.J.: International Risk Management in BREXIT and Policy Options, March 2018


No. 241 Welfens, P.J.J.; Baier, F. J.: BREXIT and FDI: Key Issues and New Empirical Findings, January 2018




No. 240 Welfens, P.J.J.; Hanrahan, D.: The BREXIT Dynamics: British and EU27 Challenges after the EU Referendum, May 2017


No. 239 Welfens, P.J.J.; Kadiric, S.: Neuere Finanzmarktaspekte von Bankenkrise, QE-Politik und EU-Bankenaufsicht, July 2017


No. 238 Welfens, Paul J.J.: Foreign Financial Deregulation under Flexible and Fixed Exchange Rates, June 2017


No. 236 Welfens, Paul J.J.: Techno-Globalisierung, Leitmärkte und Strukturwandel in wirtschaftspolitischer Sicht, August 2017


No. 235 Welfens, Paul J.J.; Hanrahan, D.: BREXIT: Key Analytical Issues and Insights from Revised Economic Forecasts, January 2018


No. 234 Welfens, Paul J.J.: The True Cost of BREXIT for the UK: A Research Note, October 2017


No. 233 Udalov, Vladimir; Welfens, Paul J.J. : Digital and Competing Information Sources: Impact on Environmental Concern und Prospects for Cooperation, April 2017


No. 232 Welfens, Paul J.J. : Negative Welfare Effects from Enhanced International M&As in the Post-BREXIT-Referendum UK, April 2017


No. 231 Welfens, Paul J.J.; Debes, C.: Globale Nachhaltigkeit: Ergebnisse zum EIIWvita Nachhaltigkeitsindikator, March 2018




No. 230 Yu, Nan: Innovation of renewable energy generation technologies at a regional level in China:A study based on patent data analysis, December 2016


No. 229 Irawan, T.; Welfens, P.J.J.: IKT Dynamik und regionale Handelsverzerrungen in Asien: Theorie und empirische Aspekte, Oktober 2016 (Updated August 219)


No. 228 Korus, A.: Innovationsorientierte öffentliche Beschaffung und Leitmärkte: Politische Initiativen in der EU, October 2016


No. 227 Welfens, P.J.J.: eHealth: Grundlagen der Digitalen Gesundheitswirtschaft und Leitmarktperspektiven, October 2016


No. 226 Dachs, B.; Budde, B.: Fallstudie Nachhaltiges Bauen und Lead Markets in Österreich, October 2016


No. 225 Korus, A.: Erneuerbare Energien und Leitmärkte in der EU und Deutschland, October 2016


No. 224 Irawan, T.; Welfens, P.J.J.: ICT Dynamics and Regional Trade Bias in Asia: Theory and Empirical Aspects, October 2016


No. 223 Perret, Jens K.: Strukturwandel in der Europäischen Union am Beispiel ausgewählter Leitmärkte mit besonderem Bezug auf die Innovations­tätigkeit der Mitgliedsländer, October 2016


No. 222 Dachs, B.: Techno-Globalisierung als Motor des Aufholprozesses im österreichischen Innovationssystem, October 2016


No. 221 Jungmittag, A.: Techno-Globalisierung, October 2016


No. 220 Welfens, P.J.J.: Qualitätswettbewerb, Produktinnovationen und Schumpetersche Prozesse in internationalen Märkten, October 2016


No. 219 Welfens, P.J.J.: Cameron’s Information Disaster in the Referendum of 2016: An Exit from Brexit? September 2016


No. 218 Korus, A.: Currency Overvaluation and R&D Spending, September 2016


No. 217 Perret, J. K.: A Spatial Knowledge Production Function Approach for the Regions of the Russian Federation, June 2016


No. 216 Welfens, P.J.J.: EU-Osterweiterung: Anpassungsprozesse, Binnenmarktdynamik und Euro-Perspektiven, August 2016


No. 215 Welfens, P.J.J.; Toni Irawan; Jens K. Perret: True Investment-GDP Ratio in a World Economy with Investment in Information & Communication Technology, June 2016


No. 214 Welfens, P.J.J.: TTIP-Fehlanalyse im SPIEGEL Heft 6. Mai 2016, Mai 2016


No. 213 Welfens, P.J.J.: Misleading TTIP analysis in the 6th/7th May 2016 issue of DER SPIEGEL, May 2016


No. 212 Jungmittag, A.; Welfens, P.J.J.: Beyond EU-US Trade Dynamics: TTIP Effects Related to Foreign Direct Investment and Innovation


No. 211 Welfens, P.J.J.: Schumpeterian Macroeconomic Production Function for Open Economies: A New Endogenous Knowledge and Output Analysis




No. 210 Welfens, P.J.J.: Overcoming the Euro Crisis and Prospects for a Political Union


No. 209 Welfens, P.J.J.: Transatlantisches Freihandelsabkommen EU-USA: Befunde zu den TTIP-Vorteilen und Anmerkungen zur TTIP-Debatte


No. 208 Welfens, P.J.J.; Irawan T.: European Innovations Dynamics and US Economic Impact: Theory and Empirical Analysis


No. 207 Jens K. Perret.: Comments on the Impact of Knowledge on Economic Growth across the Regions of the Russian Federation


No. 206 Welfens, P.J.J.: Innovation, Inequality and a Golden Rule for Growth in an Economy with Cobb-Douglas Function and an R&D Sector




No. 205 Welfens, P.J.J.: Competition in Telecommunications and Internet Services: Problems with Asymmetric Regulation


No. 204 Welfens, P.J.J.; Irawan, T.: Trade and Foreign Direct Investment: New Theoretical Approach and Empirical Findings for US Exports and European Exports


No. 203 Welfens, P.J.J.: Overcoming the EU Crisis and Prospects for a Political Union


No. 202 Udalov, V.: Political-Economic Aspects of Renewable Energy: Voting on the Level of Renewable Energy Support


No. 201 Tan, A.: Harnessing the Power of ICT and Innovation
Case Study Singapore


No. 200 Syraya, O.: Mobile Telecommunications and Digital Innovations


No. 199 Feiguine, G.; Solovjova, J.: ICT Modernization and Globalization: Russian Perspectives


No. 198 Feiguine, G.; Solovjova, J.: Significance of Foreign Direct Investment for the Development of Russian ICT sector


No. 197 Kubielas, S.; Olender-Skorek, M.: ICT Modernization in Central and Eastern Europe




No. 196 Feiguine, G.; Solovjova, J.: ICT Investment and Internationalization of the Russian Economy


No. 195 Welfens, P.J.J.; Jungmittag, A.: Telecommunications Dynamics, Output and Employment, September 2013


No. 194 Schröder, C.:: Dynamics in ICT cooperation networks in selected German ICT clusters


No. 193 Welfens, P.J.J.; Perret, J.K.: Information & Communication Technology and True Real GDP: Economic Analysis and Findings for Selected Countries


No. 192 Irawan, T.: : ICT and Economic Development: Conclusion from IO Analysis for Selected ASEAN Member States


No. 191 Welfens, P.J.J.: : Towards a Euro Fiscal Union: Reinforced Fiscal and   Macroeconomic Coordination and Surveillance is Not Enough


No. 190 Welfens, P.J.J.:: Atomstromkosten und -risiken: Haftpflichtfragen und Optionen rationaler Wirtschaftspolitik


No. 189 Erdem, D.:: Foreign Direct Investments, Energy Efficiency and Innovation Dynamics


No. 188 Welfens, P.J.J.; Lutz, C.: : Green ICT Dynamics: Key Issues and Findings for Germany


No. 187 Welfens, P.J.J.:: The Twin Crisis: From the Transatlantic Banking Crisis to the Euro Crisis?


No. 186 Emons, O.: : Innovation and Specialization Dynamics in the Automotive Sector: Comparative Analysis of Cooperation & Application Networks


No. 185 Schröder, C.: Regionale und unternehmensspezifische Faktoren einer hohen Wachstumsdynamik von IKT Unternehmen in Deutschland


No. 184 Lengyel, B.: Regional clustering tendencies of the Hungarian automotive and ICT industries in the first half of the 2000


No. 183 Lengyel, B.: The Hungarian ICT sector ? a comparative CEE perspective with special emphasis on structural change


No. 182 Szalavetz, A.: The Hungarian automotive sector ? a comparative CEE perspective with special emphasis on structural change


No. 181 Szanyi, M.: Industrial Clusters: Concepts and Empirical Evidence from East-Central Europe


No. 180 Welfens P.J.J.:: European and Global Reform Requirements for Overcoming the Banking Crisis


No. 179 Welfens P.J.J.: New Open Economy Policy Perspectives: Modified Golden Rule and Hybrid Welfare


No. 178 Perret J.K.: A Core-Periphery Pattern in Russia ? Twin Peaks or a Rat´s Tail


No. 177 Welfens, P.J.J.: Toward a New Concept of Universal Services: The Role of Digital Mobile Services and Network Neutrality


No. 176 Mahmutovic, Z.: Patentdatenbank: Implementierung und Nutzung


No. 175 Welfens, P.J.J.: Rating, Kapitalmarktsignale und Risikomanagement: Reformansätze nach der Transatlantischen Bankenkrise


No. 174 Welfens, Paul J.J.; Perret, Jens K.; Erdem, Deniz: Global Economic Sustainability: Analysis and Policyoptions for the Copenhagen Process NEW: Translation in Russian available: Индикатор глобальной экономической устойчивости: анализ и политические опции для Копенгагенского процесса


No. 173 Welfens, Paul J.J., Perret, Jens K.:  Structural Change, Specialization and Growth in EU 25


No. 172 Erdem, Deniz, Meyer, Kirsten: Natural Gas Import Dynamics and Russia's Role in the Security of Germany's Supply Strategy


No. 171 Welfens, P.J.J.: Innovationen und Transatlantische Bankenkrise: Eine ordnungspolitische Analyse


No. 170 Welfens, P.J.J., Dora Borbély: Structural Change, Innovation and Growth in the Single EU Market


No. 169 Welfens, P.J.J.: Explaining oil price dynamics


No. 168 Welfens, P.J.J.: Marshall-Lerner Condition and Economic Globalization


No. 167 Schröder, C.: Financial System and Innovations: Determinants of Early Stage Venture Capital in Europe


No. 166 Welfens, P.J.J.: The International Banking Crisis:Lessons and EU Reforms 


No. 165 Welfens, P.J.J.; Vogelsang, M.: Regulierung und Innovationsdynamik in der EU-Telekommunikationswirtschaft


No. 164 Welfens, P.J.J.: Growth, Innovation and Natural Ressource (in russischer Sprache)


No. 163 Welfens, P.J.J.: Intégration Européenne et Mondialisation: Défis, Débats, Options


No. 162 Bartelmus, P.: Sustainable Development – Has It Run Its Course?


No. 161 Welfens, P.J.J.: Portfolio Modelling and Growth  


No. 160 Islami, M.: Interdepence Between Foreign Exchange Markets and Stock Markets in Selected European Countries


No. 159 Welfens, P.J.: Growth, Innovation and Natural Ressource


No. 158 Welfens, P.J.J.: Growth, Structural Dynamics and EU Integration in the Context of the Lisbon Agend


No. 157 Welfens, P.J.J.: Portfoliomodell und langfristiges Wachstum: Neue Makroperspektiven


No. 156 Addison, J.T.: The Perfomance Effects of Unions. Codetermination, and Employee Involvment: Comparing the United States and Germany (With an Addendum on the United States)


No. 155 Welfens, P.J.J.: Ungelöste Probleme der Bankenaufsicht


No. 154 Feiguine, G.: Die Beziehungen zwischen Russland und der EU-Osterweiterung: Stand und Entwicklungsperspektiven


No. 153 Welfens, P.J.J.,Borbély, D.: Structural Change, Growth and Bazaar Effects in the Single EU Market


No. 152 Kutlina, Z.: Finanzmarktintegration und Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Kontext der EU-Osterweiterung


No. 151 Welfens, P.J.J., Keim, M.: Finanzmarktintegration und Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Kontext der EU-Osterweiterung


No. 150 Cassel, D., Welfens, P.J.J.: Regional Integration, Institutional Dynamics and International Competitiveness